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To achieve this overall aim, an intensive work plan will be put in place. It foresees six interrelated work packages.


WP1 – Coordination and management

Ensure an effective and efficient coordination and management of the CCHFVaccine consortium.


WP2 - Production of vaccine candidates

Produce already developed vaccine with successful protective immunity in IFNAR KO mice for immunization of humanized mice, non-human primates and cattle and develop new vaccine candidates.


WP3 - In vivo evaluation of CCHF vaccine candidates

Evaluate the immunization and protection efficacy of CCHF vaccine candidates in a wide range of animal models and develop an animal model road map.


WP4 – Immune signature

Understand the immune responses in humans, which protect against fatal CCHFV infection. This information will establish what a protective immune response to CCHFV is; and thereby determine a baseline target requirement to which the candidate vaccines, developed in the other parts of this project, will need to aim for.


WP5 - Clinical trial for CCHF vaccines in humans and field trial bovines

Prepare for, design, and perform the clinical trial and veterinary field trials of the selected vaccine candidate(s).


WP6 - Knowledge dissemination

Generate a body of scientific data of great interest for the public health community and the decision-making processes of public health activities. Effective dissemination of these aggregated data will thus be critical for the overall success of the project as well as the development of future research and public health strategies.







For further information on the work plan developed in the CCHFVaccine project, and the way in which the proposed plan will advance the field, do not hesitate to contact the project managers.